Each piece is uniquely designed in her studio and handcrafted with premium materials. Dreams, memories, and moments of mindfulness inspire meaningful designs. Wear a necklace that is inspired by the dizzying feeling of looking up at Istanbul’s maiden towers. Slide on a ring that defines the moment of awakening in a sultan’s room. Dress up with a bracelet that forges the shape and movement of shadowed trees alongside centuries-old architecture. Find a piece of modern jewelry that speaks to you or commission a custom design.



    Melt’m Jewelry, brings corners of the world together through inspiring metal work and deeply personal designs. Meltem grew up in Istanbul, Turkey and got her start taking lessons with Turkish jewelry designers. Surrounded by the beautiful architecture and history of the ancient city, she was fueled with inspiration and challenged to recreate the beauty of natural forms.


    100% HANDMADE

     After ten years of creating handmade jewelry in Istanbul, Meltem moved to California to expand her practice.

    The Melt’m flagship showroom in Redlands is an extension of her workspace with stunning views of snowy mountains and lush orange groves in the distance. The jewelry designer brings corners of the world together, creating jewelry that is inspired by Turkey’s ancient cities, the teachings and philosophies of the far east, and the natural beauty of Southern California.